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About Me 


I'm Zoe Noir, a young and sophisticated Alpha female and Dominatrix.


My fetish journey began in Prague, in my Early 20s while I was studying psychology and working as a model.

Since my first introduction to BDSM and Fetishism I realised that was a world I felt truly comfortable in and through which I could express myself and openly unleash my sexual fantasies.


Today I can say with confidence that my lifestyle choices helped me to become a more balanced person and most importantly I live the life staying true to myself.


As an erotic deviant I have a wide range of tastes and kinks but what I get the most excitement from is the psychological aspect of D/s and power exchange play.


I get the biggest satisfaction when I can take a willing submissive into places he has never been before - where pain is gone, problems disappeared and your current state of mind is a dizzy of joyful feelings – so called subspace. Once there the possibilities are limited only by your own imagination.

Equal part feminine and cruel, I will destroy your ego and mould you into my perfect plaything.

Don’t fool into my beauty cause behind my feline face and porcelain skin you will find an impatient and sadistic mind – the most intoxicating cocktail of contradictions you will ever experience.


I will help you to bring your fantasies to life, holding no judgment and absolute discretion but please make sure to read carefully my limits section before contacting me - I'm extremely selective when considering new submissions and I ONLY play in scenes that I personally enjoy.

If you are truly ready to serve me come into my world of dark power, give up your control and give it into my will.

Beneath Me,

Mistress ZN

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