So you know I am the One and Only Goddess for you to worship. You lust me, you crave me you wish to be good enough to please me.

You are not ready yet to serve me in real time, you’re shy, intimidated or perhaps you only live too far away from me.

Luckily for you I do enjoy training my cyber slaves and subs.

Online sessions can be as much intense if not more than real time ones . Because there’s no actual physical interaction we are going to connect on a more psychological level,  and isn’t our brain our most powerful sexual organ?





Curious about what happens during my online sessions?

I am very open-minded and creative. Below are just a few examples to get your gears turning.


Foot Fetish Sessions

I have a perfect size 6 UK (EU 39) . My feet are beautiful, perfectly arched and impeccably taken care for.

If you’re a true foot slave, my feet will be able to get you to  your knees and beg me to worship them.

I have a great collection of heels, boots, shoes, socks, and stockings that you will be merciless teased with.

I love to control subs with My feet, whether they are worshiping them, being dominated by them, being denied by them, or being allowed release to them. We both know you would do anything for them, are you ready?


Edging & Orgam Denial

I am so turned on by being in control of someone’s masturbation.

I’ve had many jerk off instruction sessions and love every kind I’ve done thus far- ranging from humiliation sessions to mesmerising and sensual domination sessions.

I love teaching my subs how to edge, and for those who already enjoy edging I use this as an element of power and control.

Not all submissive are seeking release, and I enjoy tease & denial sessions as well where, for example, a sub in chastity may touch themselves but not be allowed release!


Sissy Training

I have many male submissive who enjoy My sissy training sessions. My ideal sissy is My own personal ideal, an extension of Me and my taste and I love turning My slaves into the perfect Noir’s sissy boys.

I give submissive an instructive, thorough makeover. I have worked with all types of submissive interested in becoming sissies with specific interests running the gamut from exposure to domestic servitude.

I’ve been extremely successful in helping young men overcome their fears of embracing the sissy within them. You can be you and you can be you wearing a girly dress. Your kinks does not define you as a person. D0n’t be shy and share with me your deepest fantasies…



Humiliation comes in many forms! Some specific humiliation sessions include small penis humiliation – I love making fun of how inadequate you are.

Honestly, I like making fun of a lot of things, because I sincerely love to laugh and see how pathetic you become under my spell.

I love when subs do ridiculous things to make Me laugh, like dressing up for Me, decorating themselves in a way I’ve designated, taking risks that may expose their foolish behaviour… those are some soft examples.

True humiliation enthusiasts be aware: I can be extremely cruel. My quick wit and slick tongue will spear you through and through. I have a gift with words, and you’ll feel the sting of My insults. 

Femdom Goddess Worship

I am a Goddess. I relish in online Goddess worship sessions with subs, because I love to have My entire body and being worshiped.

In past sessions, I’ve commanded subs to kneel, sit, stand in various positions while they bask in My divinity and pray to Me.

I bestow upon them My grace, My soothing voice, everything about My energy that will make you forever addicted.

I love to dress in My Goddess attire being that latex, leather, designer footwear and instruct My subs to worship as I wish, repeating mantras and phrases back to Me.

Financial Domination Rinse

I deserve everything I want. That is no question. What’s yours is Mine, really, and I love to take it. During findom sessions online I love to accept your gift cards, cash tributes, and gifts. Cash turns Me on and pushes all the right buttons, so putting yours into My hands is just what I want you to do.

I’ve had so much fun rinsing the bank accounts of subs dry. I’m so good at mind fucking and mesmerising you into giving Me control, and it turns subs on to experience My prowess at this particular fetish. Now, be a good boy and max out your credit card for Me!


Shopping Sessions 

I love being spoiled by My subs. And I love being on cam with you while you watch Me spending your money!

Whether you’re shopping with me online or you give Me total control over your credit cards, I want it all.

I deserve to be spoiled and treated like the Goddess I am and My happiness should always be your priority.

I will allow you to tribute for the session beforehand and then purchase items as we go. Designer clothes, lingerie, heels and latex are on top of my wishlist.  I also have a great interest in arts and interior design so don’t be surprised if I will make you buy the latest coffee table featured on Kelly Wearstler blog.

Often time I would reward my most generous subs with some extra session time or custom clip wiring the items they have purchased for Me…