I am a sensual pervert with a fetish for creative sadism who enjoys exploring the unusual and complex terrain of all that BDSM has to offer: the anticipation, the desire, the fear, the pleasure, the thrill, the agony, the release, the catharsis.

Whether you are new to the fetish lifestyle or a seasoned masochist I assure you will be blown away by my craft and aura.

Your desire to submit to me will grow stronger as I strip you of your ego and control. You will beg to worship me, serve me and be used by me as I please.

Whether you submit to me to explore your darkest fantasies or simply to worship and please, I will release you from your personal tension and limitations that might rule your mundane lifestyle.

I will take you on a rollercoaster journey of pain and pleasure the most intoxicating cocktail of contradictions you will ever experience.



Being often in tour, I do live an extremely hectic lifestyle and operate on a strict schedule.

I therefore require at least a 24h notice for any booking.

The more notice you give me the better chance you will have to serve me.

My preferred time to meet you are between 10am and 8pm Monday to Friday.

All bookings domestic or international require a 50% deposit fee.

I will always prioritise enquiries from slaves looking for a long-term BDSM arrangements based on total power exchange.

I am extremely selective with who I decide to engage with so do not be surprised if your sloppy introduction email do not get my attentions. You shall know your worth as a sub and what you can offer to me before approaching Me.

I only consider well written, polite and informative emails where your interests and wishes are clearly specified.

As a dominant I am responsible for your health and well being during your time with Me. It is indeed in your best interests to mention any health limitation or past illness history that you might have.


Cancelation is free of charge if you notify me at least 48h in advance, however deposit will not be returned but instead be applied to next time.

Any cancellations made under these hours will result in a non-refundable deposit and you will be required to send a new deposit for future bookings.